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Textile Machines

Hirano K&E, preempting the needs of customers, never ceases to pursue new technology to technically support the textile industry in product development.

SIMPLEX TENTER Drying &Heat Setting

  • The world's most compact heat setter,which can also be used as a dryer.
  • Energy-saving model with 30-50% greater performance than previous models,and easy maintenance.
  • Suitable for all types of textiles(lenght of 3m perchamber)


  • Hot-air beating relaxes the fabric and enhances shrinkage resistance.
  • Ideally suited for enhancing appearance and texture and for anti-shrinkage treatment of all types of textiles.
  • High-performance type capable of both drying and heat treatment.
  • Also capable of multi-level(2-7 level)operation,and the compact design requires little installation space.
  • Appearance and texture enhancement and antishrinkage treatment functions are 2.5-3 times those of the standard shrink surfer(high-power hot-air beating relaxes the fabric and greatly enhances shrinkage resistance).
  • Single-level model equipped with a special hot-air fan for high-pressure,high-volume airflow.
  • High-power airflow greatly increases the snaking of the fabric.


  • An alkaline caustic soda treatment range developed for new synthetics.
  • Capable of continuous reduction eatment(maximum reduction rate of 30%).
  • Can obtain a maximum reaction efficiency of 98%.
  • This original development of Hirano Entec's provides uniform reducing(width and length);easy maintenance.
Additional products are available (please contact us for further details).
SST Jet Dryer Multi-Pass Tenter-Dryer
Muiti-Pass Tenter and Heat-Setting Machine Short-Loop Dryer
Suction Drum Dryer Hot Flow Dryer
Roller Baking Machine Gas. Vertical Non-Touch Dryer
Hot Air Jet Type Air Jet Dryer
Trolley Conveyor Type Baking Machine Knife Coater
Comma Coater  
SST Jet Dryer(SS-T)
  • Designed for use with a shrink surfer or a short loop dryer and a heat setter.
  • Multipurpose model capable of continuous operation for fabric relaxing,anti-shrinkage drying.appearance and texture enhancement,and heat treatment.
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics,and requires little installation space.

Multi-Pass Tenter-Dryer(MT)
  • Suitable for all types of textiles,including wool,cotton,synthetics,and blended yams.
  • High-perfomance model repuiring little installation space and having a large cloth capacity (no chance of pin detachment at high-speed operation)
  • Compact type capable of continuous drying and heal treatment.
Muiti-Pass Tenter and Heat-Setting Machine (MT-T)
  • Combination range of the best equipment (upperlevel is a two-Pass Tenter-Dryer and lower level is a Simplex Tenter).
  • Suitable for all types of textiles,including knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.
Short-Loop Dryer(SL)
  • Ideal for mild drying using low-velocity drying.
  • Suitable for fabric relaxing,anti-shrinkage drying,and appearance and texture enhancement.
  • Conveyor bars rotate automatically,so there are no bar marks left on the fabric.
Suction Drum Dryer (SDD)
  • High-performance dryer using flow-through drying and a special hot-air fan (high-pressure,high-volume).
  • Suitable for all types of textiles,including knitted and woven fabrics.
  • Simple construction with easy maintenance.
Hot Flow Dryer(RD-B)
  • Machine for high-performance continuous dyeing and resin treatment.
  • Unique hot-air circulating system ensures uniform drying; fabric is transported horizontally.
  • Maintenance is extremely easy.
Roller Baking Machine(BM)
  • Suitable for baking and curing in resin treatment,and thermofixing in continuous dyeing.
  • Both vertical and horizontal fabric transport are possible; large capacity,and also suitable for extended setting times.
  • Unique hot-air circulating function ensures easy maintenance.
Gas. Vertical Non-Touch Dryer (VNT-M)
  • Suitable for preliminary drying in continuous dyeing and resin treatment, and prevents migration.
  • Either gas can be used for the heat source (also equipped with a complete safety system in the event of a power failure or emergency shutdown).
  • High-performance model which allows switching of the combustion between the levels and in the lateral direction, and free setting between the burners.
Hot Air Jet Type(VNT-F)
  • Suitable for preliminary drying in continuous dyeing.
  • Simple construction with easy maintenance.
Air Jet Dryer(BD-N)
  • Ideal for use as a dryer and heat treatment machine.
  • High-performance,high-efficiency model combining Hirano Entec's own original hot-air technology and coating technology.
  • Simple construction for easy maintenance.
Trolley Conveyor Type Baking Machine(TBM)
  • Ideally suited for use as a post-queuer for shape stabilization treatment.
  • High-performance design based on hot air flow theory.
  • Simple construction and easy operation.
Knife Coater (CT-KN)
  • Suitable for high-viscosity(5,000-100,000cps),thin(25-130‚‡/m2wet)coating.
  • Capable of coating even if the material is slightly uneven,and operation is easy.
Comma Coater(CT-CO)
  • A high rigidity eliminates both flexure in the direction of travel and unevenness in the lateral coating direction.
  • A gap controller and a side dam automatic follower can be installed in order to achieve automated operation and more consistent quality,and also reduce replacement time.